Childcare by Design develops educational resources to support understanding of the NQS, EYLF and MTOP as listed below.

Expert Consultant


Dr Brenda Abbey is acknowledged as a childcare content expert in the early education and care sector. She provides/ has provided childcare technical expertise in the following projects: 

  • DCO Child Care Review - Grosvenor (client Department of Defence)
  • Service Development - City of Sydney 
  • BBF Quality Measure (Governance) Project - Sustineo (client DEEWR)
  • Childcare Future Directions Feasibility Study - Maranoa Regional Council
  • Bowen Basin Childcare Feasibility Study - Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance
  • Defence Child Care Program - WeeWunz (client Department of Defence)

Professional writer

Dr Abbey is the author of Managing compliance in childcare services: The essential guide for Queensland practitioners

The guide provides an overview of the regulatory environment for childcare services and explains simple and effective strategies for managing the compliance process.

Dr Abbey draws upon her wide-ranging experiences in the industry, including roles as a childcare director, compliance officer and quality validator, to deliver a practical guide that is essential reading for anyone involved in the sector. The book has been considered required reading in many TAFEs and RTOs. 

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Dr Abbey is published regularly in industry journals and periodicals. She authored a regular newspaper column, and wrote modules for Certificate III and Diploma qualifications in Children's Services 

Dr Abbey can provide you with quality early education and care articles.

 Published articles include:

Editorials - "EYLF Encounters" Early Education News

Editorials - "Child's Play" Kawana Life

  • Discipline or socialisation
  • Parents' role in skill development
  • Movement means learning
  • Protecting our children
  • Build confidence at an early age
  • Taking the preschool step
  • Starting on school's path
  • Help your child learn to care for others
  • Small talk, big things
  • Speech and language
  • Those early steps
  • Committing to caring
  • The best place for sick children is at home
  • Be smart be sunsmart
  • Make their lunch healthy
  • Turning the pages of childhood
  • Anger - It's only natural
  • Help children learn to write

Other Resources

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