Childcare by Design develops educational resources to support understanding of the NQS, EYLF and MTOP as listed below.

Workshops & Presentations


Dr Brenda Abbey from Childcare by Design is uniquely qualified to skill your educators to deliver highest quality programs for children and to contribute to the success of your business. Her workshops:   

  • Use up-to-date industry information
  • Are consistent with all relevant legislation, the NQS and the EYLF
  • Are interactive, informative and practical
  • Are tailored to your educator team's specific needs
  • Build upon your educators' current knowledge and skills
  • Are accompanied by ongoing mentor support
  • Include handouts and other support materials
  • Include a certificate for participants


Dr Abbey has presented at major conferences throughout Australia for organisations such as Early Childhood Australia, Child Care Centres Association of Victoria, Childcare Queensland, Childcare Association of Western Australia, Lady Gowrie (Tasmania), Early Childhood Australia (Northern Territory), Professional Support Coordinator, QCAN (Outside School Hours Care, Queensland), and Early Childhood Teachers' Association.   

Dr Abbey has the credentials, the credibility and the creativity to ensure your event is memorable and meaningful. She is able to present on a wide range of early education and care topics and will address audiences of any size. Dr Abbey's presentations are highly interactive, and participants leave feeling confident, capable and convinced they know the steps to take to meet the requirements of the National Quality Standard and the National Learning Frameworks. Recent popular topics include:   

  • Promoting Awe and Wonder in Children
  • Reflective Practice
  • Learning Stories
  • Relaxation is a Must
  • Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities
  • Putting the EYLF into Practice
  • Programming and Documentation Made Easy
  • Behaviour Guidance

If you are interested in engaging Dr Abbey for a workshop or conference presentation, contact: 

Dr Brenda Abbey
Mobile: 0419 661 921