Childcare by Design develops educational resources to support understanding of the NQS, EYLF and MTOP as listed below.

Service Design & Development


Dr Brenda Abbey collaborates with clients, architects and landscapers to design exemplar services that meet or exceed all childcare legistative requirements and support high education and care programs for children. She is currently the appointed childcare consultant for a number of high profile service development projects including: 

  • The Green Giraffe Early Learning Centre - Bongiorno Hawkins+Associates Pty Ltd (Architects) 
  • Little Kingdom Childcare, The Rocks - Kaunitz Yeung Architecture (Architects)
  • Childcare Feasibility Study - Alexander & Co (Architect) City of Sydney (Client)
  • Childcare Feasibility Study - CO-AP (Architect) City of Sydney (Client)
  • Childcare Feasibility Study - Luigi Rossellini Pty Ltd Architects (Architect) City of Sydney(Client)
  • Childcare Feasibility Study - Tribe Studio (Architect) City of Sydney (Client)
  • Juanita Nielson Centre Upgrade Project - Neeson Murcutt Architects (client City of Sydney)
  • 277 Bourke Street Redevelopment Project - ABA Architects (Architect) City of Sydney (Client)
  • Heffron Hall Refurbishment Project - Lahznimmo Architects (Architecct) City of Sydney (Client)
  • Surry Hills - Mode Design
  • Punchbowl - Mode Design
  • Kempsey - Archicorp


  • Assess plans to ensure compliance with all childcare regulatory requirements
  • Liaise with relevant government and regulatory bodies
  • Prepare and submit Provider and Service Approvals
  • Coordinate progressive and final inspection with builder
  • Coordinate final inspection with state regulatory authority
  • Submit application to Family Assistance Office
  • Develop service policies, procedures and forms 
  • Recommend resources, furniture and equipment
  • Provide advice with setting up management systems
  • Interview, appoint and train staff

Existing services

Dr Abbey works with existing services to renovate their buildings and outdoor play spaces to increase their approval capacity (i.e. number of children), and/or to introduce more natural elements into the outdoor play space.